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Training & Education

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We pride ourselves on a well-developed training system for members.
There are several different types of training and courses on offer including;

  • Inductions for New Members

All applicants for membership undergo induction training as part of the enrolment process.

This includes a briefing on firearm & range safety, an introduction to the types of firearm they will use initially and a short presentation on basic marksmanship technique.  


  • Marksmanship

This is available to members following enrolment and addresses the subject of marksmanship technique in greater detail that is possible during the induction process.


  • Club Range Officer Training (RO)

This is available to Full Club Members who aspire to act as Range Officers on the club’s indoor range.


  • MoD Range Introduction & Assessments

This is a pre-requisite for attending the club’s visits to Sealand & Altcar MoD ranges. 

It covers the specific safety aspects of shooting on Gallery Ranges and aspects of marksmanship that are applicable to shooting at longer ranges.


  • NRA Shooter Certification

Following on from our MoD Introduction and Assessment training we offer training for our members that want to shoot unsupervised at Sealand and Altcar. Once the shooter holds an NRA shooter Certification they are able to shoot at many other venues unsupervised.


In addition to the areas described above, there is considerable expertise and experience of shooting among the membership and this is available to all members, either through the Training Dept or informally in discussion with members.

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