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Outdoor Shooting on MOD Ranges

We offer our members the opportunity to shoot outside at distances from 100 to 600 yards/metres using Military Of Defence (MoD) Ranges in the Northwest region.

Sealand MoD Ranges
Altcar MoD Ranges

Here you can use Black Powder, Full Bore / Centrefire and Rimfire firearms on these ranges. The club has several full bore rifles for members to use if you don't have your own firearms.

The club also runs 'F Class', 'Military', 'Target' and 'Rimfire' competitions throughout the year, further details from our Competition Section


You must have attended a 'MoD Assessment Class' prior to attending any MoD range shoot. This is an NRA requirement and you will not be allowed to attend if you have not attended the MoD Assessment training.


On completion of this course, you will be provided with a temporary pass for access to Altcar Ranges for 6 months. Within these 6 months, you must see the Altcar Range Warden to create your full pass (2 Passport photos required) along with a club official.

MoD Assessments:


Typically the MoD Assessment Class is on the Tuesday prior to the Sealand visit.
For up to date details, please check the club notice boards at the club.                                           

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