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Shooting Outdoors - What is it and how do I do it?

We offer Full Bore / Centre Fire and Rimfire shooting on Ministry of Defence (MoD) range's in the North West; Altcar Range near Formby and Sealand Range near Desside Industrial Estate.

Our outdoor events are typically twice a month where you can use your own firearms as well as use one of the clubs own firearms.

We typically run 2 or 3 details and a number of lanes which varies dependant on the number of people that sign up before the event or turn up on the day. You will be allocated a duty by the main organiser such as; RCO(s), Butts Officer and Butts Marker and any lookouts if/as required.

To shoot at any of the Ranges you must have a Shooters Certification Card (SCC) and be either a probationer or full member of the club. We do not allow guest shooters as everyone must be a member of WDRPC.

Typical process:

1. You turn up at the range 1 hour before the shooting starts. During afternoon shoots that is 12:00 pm and morning shoots 08:00.

2. Once you have arrived look for the main organiser so that you can sign on and be allocated your duty for the day, pay any monies owed and have your membership booklet signed for attendance.

3. When the RCO/RCO's have signed on at the Range House, they will inform everyone the number of lanes we have and on which range we will be using.

4. A safety brief will be held prior to any shooting.

5. Those on 1st Butts duty, the Butts Officer will take the butts case and radio or 2 and head off to butts with his butts markers. The rest will make their way with their gear, and set up behind the firing line on the specific range and lanes being used. Those who have been tasked with lookouts will leave to the lookout location.

6. Those doing Butts duty will facilitate setting up the targets, the Butts Officer will oversee the setup and running of the butts for their allocated session (Time 1hr/1.5hrs). Setting up target, pointers and other equipment.

7. At the firing line, mats will be placed at each firing point lane number together with a sheet to register the shots and calibres used per shooter. The 'Shop' will be open for members to purchase ammunition for either their own firearms or club rifles. Typically 7.62/3.08 and .223.

8. At the appointed time, the RCO will ask for the Red flag to be brought down (sometimes in co-operation with other clubs using the same range) and those waiting to shoot behind the firing line will be asked to move to a lane by the RCO.

9. AT ALL TIMES the RCO on duty will be responsible for the firing line and all instructions must be obeyed by those shooting. Any probationers will require a Safety Supervisor to be with them.

10. After you have finished shooting, record the number of shots and calibre used on the shot register.
You will be required to have your firearm CLEARED by the RCO or someone appointed by them such as a Safety Supervisor. After being cleared you can leave the firing point for the next shooter to use.

11. When it is time to relieve the current butts crew, the new Butts Officer will collate his butts markers and head down to the butts.

12. When all shooting has been completed, the final Butts crew will facilitate the removal of the targets, clean up and bring back the Butts case and radio(s). Any lookouts will be radioed to return.

During the outdoor session, there may be times that a shooter will be asking for a competition target.
We run F-Class, Military and Rimfire Competitions at the ranges and this follows a specific process which the RCO and Butts Officer will advise on what is required.

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