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We cater for the following disciplines:

Gallery Rifle Shooting    

This takes place on each occasion that the club is open and is the activity supported by the majority of the members; It is also the activity in which new members invariably take part. 

The club owns several gallery rifles, both rimfire and pistol-calibre and these are available for use by new members and members who do not own their own firearm.



Small-Bore Target Rifle Shooting 

WDRPC have an active small-bore target rifle section that competes with considerable success at regional and national level in both the prone and bench-rest disciplines.  Prone-position shooting takes place each Wednesday evening, with bench-rest shooting.



Full-Bore Centre Fire Rifle Shooting

The club has access to Sealand & Altcar MoD Ranges on a monthly basis.  At Sealand shooting takes place at 100, 200 & 300 metres; at Altcar it takes place at 100, 200, 300, 500 & 600 yds. 
The club has several rifles suitable for shooting at longer distances and these are available for use by it's members.


Muzzle-Loading Firearms

Muzzleloading Pistols and Rifles are fired on Tuesday evenings under special conditions specified by the Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain.



Air Gun & BB Shooting
Conventional air rifles (.22 & .177) may be fired alongside gallery rifles on both the club ranges whenever the club is open.  Airsoft and BB pellet pistol and rifle shooting take place on Thursday evenings. Member MUST use ear protection provided by the club.

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