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Llansilin Ranges


Llansilin Rifle Range is located approximately one mile NE of the village of Llansilin. 

Llansilin Rifle Range is a 400 yard 14 Lane Gallery Range; it has a hill background with a Range Danger Area that extends over the crest of the Coed Cochion hill which forms the back stop for the range. The River Cynlaith flows between the 100m firing point and the range stopbutt, the river marks the border between England and Wales.


Ranges - 100 to 400 yards - 14 Lanes


Our members shoot a variety of calibres: .22 Rimfire, .223, .303, .308 plus larger calibres and to be able to shoot at Llansin you must have attended a 'MoD Range Assessment Course' prior to attendance.


Recently put back on the Outdoor Shooting calendar for 2015.

Aim to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to start time, to allow signing on and the allocation of duties; RCOs, Butts, Lookouts.

2015 dates are currently being worked out and once finalised will be published.

Llansilin Range,


Oswestry SY10


The range lies on the Oswestry to Llansilin Road (B4580) road mid way between the hamlet of Rhydrcroseau and Llansilin village
at Grid reference 224/295.

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